Welcome to ZAHNSAAHAD!

I would like to introduce ZAHNSAAHAD, the gateway to Holy Quran, Islamic products​/publications, Arts and Middle eastern specialities.

Our goal is to provide excellent quality products and professional services to Global Muslim community and lovers of Islam. Additionally, we are suppliers for print, packaging, printing specialty substrates & material for printing industry in USA. Our primary products include printing consumables and paper substrates. Furthermore, we serve humanity by providing Green Energy programs to homeowners in the country.

We are dedicated to our goals of high standards, steady growth, friendly environment and sustainable development. Our patrons’ steady and incessant support is fundamental to our growth. Our experience spans over 3 decades in the print floor production, print material supplies, trading business as well as solar energy services. We are confident that our suppliers will continue to benefit from our commitment to quality of service and efficiency. Our business expansion in USA provides a great opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship with our vendor partners by achieving greater margins of growth and profitability.

Our founder has a great depth of experience with marketing tear resistant paper in United Arab Emirates for Middle East and Africa. While supplying paper products in these regions, he came up with the idea of printing religious texts and books on Tear Resistant Paper in order to provide users with the unique experience of enjoying supreme durability and quality. During one of his many printing expeditions in Egypt, he had the pleasure of meeting with a fantastic calligrapher who specializes in producing papyrus wall posters, wood & metal carvings. We are pleased to have the opportunity to supply these materials to the lovers of art in US.

In order for us to understand and cater to your supply needs in an efficient and optimal manner, please contact us for more information. We are excited to market and supply your products and look forward to meeting with you to discuss further. We assure you that we will strive for the best possible practices to serve your company by making all our transactions go as smooth as possible in mutual interest.

Syed A. Moid

President & CEO